Semi–formal Men's Attire

The semi formal term is defined as clothing that is more dressy than every day or business attire, but not so formal to include tuxedos.
* Full dark colored suit

Black, navy, dark grey, with vest optional. Patterns are allowed!

* Dark jacket with classic trousers
* Tie, either bow or straight
* Dressy shirt
* Laced shoes
* Tuxedos are considered overdressed.

Semi–formal Women's Attire

The semi formal term for ladys is defined by a cocktail dress or dressy suit.
* Cocktail dress (ex: Little Black Dress)
* Dressy pantsuit or dress suit in rich dark colours
* Dressy top and tuxedo pants
* Dresses or skirts should end no more than 2.5 cm above the knee.

Longer skirts paired with a dressy top can be appropriate, but a floor-length gown might be too formal!

* Dress heels for shoes, dressy flat or strappy sandal

The Confusion Over Semi-Formal Attire

Very strict dress codes are less common in most levels of society than they were a few decades ago, and the definition of semi formal attire has become far less stringent than it once was. If in doubt, please contact us for more details.