29 Oct 2015
Bragadiru Palace, Colosseum Room

Book Signing

You will be attending the premiere book release of “The Parisian Gentleman” (international book release on October 2015), followed by an autograph session held by author Hugo Jacomet and his team.

Untitled-1Paris and style are synonymous. Home of haute couture and the world’s leading fashion houses, the city and its inhabitants exude flair all year around. “The Parisian Gentleman” presents twenty of the leading men’s style makers, from hidden ateliers and little- known studios to internationally renowned names, a luxurious celebration of the craftsmanship and high elegance behind the timeless French sartorial artisan, whose rich heritage is the cornerstone of men’s style, from tailoring, shirt-making and shoe-making to perfumery, jewellery, luggage and accessories, “The        Parisian Gentleman’ is an essential addition to the well-dressed man’s private wardrobe.

The Parisian Gentleman is like a dream shopping trip to the leading men’s style-makers, from hidden ateliers and little-known studios to internationally renowned labels. The stories behind each house, and the creative minds and artisans who give each brand its unique identity, bring the clothes alive, capturing an unceasing dedication to quality in an era overrun with new, mass-produced trends.

The official launch of the book is October 2015 and it’s exclusive and premier launch for Romania will be during the “Bucharest Gentleman” event on the 29th of October 2015, where the author, Hugo Jacomet, will be attending a press conference and book signing.